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. >>> tonight, i'm going to take the liberty to speak to millions of liberals across america. it's been a sad day in america. we lost our man, senator ted kennedy. lost his battle with brain cancer overnight at the age of 77. every time he was on my radio show, i referred to him as the gladiator. he loved that. he was the gladiator for the people. a fighter, a believer. he fought for labor, for worker's rights, civil rights, human rights and social justice. kennedy was the gold standard when it came to fighting for the working folk of america and he left a huge footprint in this country. he was a champion of the cause, an unselfish man who gave so much to the united states of america. but i will remember him as a fighter. now, there's a lot of talk today about his ability to cross the aisle, his bipartisanship, his work, his friendships but he never compromised his principles. he fought for them passionately. if ted kennedy was on your side, he would be in the trenches with you in the 11th hour. you could count on kennedy. >> we still cannot get a $2.15 over two years. over two years. what is
program that determines you're going to pull the plug on grandma. >> tell america he's actually read the house bill. i thought he was working so hard on the senate finance committee. here's the deal. and listen. this is a key point. in the senate help people and on the health care side, this is reimbursement to the doctor who is working with you in dealing with your grandma, who may be close to dieing. so we're going to reimburse the doctor for talking to you about a family issue. what is wrong with that? joining me now is ohio senator, sharrod brown a member of the health, education, labor and pensions committee. senator, good to have you with us tonight. appreciate your time. are you amazed at the misinformation that is out there in the town halls that's being thrown at you and other members of the congress? at the level that it's gotten to. >> in some sense i'm amazed. in another sense i've been doing this long enough i shouldn't be. you think the average executive is making $8 million a year. they kind of like that $8 million a year and that's why these insurance industry people
in the hearts and minds of america. >> we're talking about raising that threshold. if anyone has a problem with someone making $250,000 adjusted gross income, probably it's going to be $500,000 when we're all done. this is a very, very, very wealthy in our kendry, not the people of the middle class or struggling to be in the middle class or hoped to at one point attain a higher income. >> are you surprised at the demeanor of people at these town hall meetings? we haven't seen tape like this, events like this, in 20, 30, 40 years in this country. i mean, you've got to go back to the vietnam war to see this kind of public passion that's been out there. >> well, you know, i live in a walking town hall in my district. when i see people on the streets let me know what they feel. it's done with respect and mutual respect. i have tremendous respect for my constituency and they have for me. i think that's -- regardless of party. that's what's missing right now in this debate. it's not about having a discourse, it's about shutting down meetings, it's about being disruptive. and that's outside the a
cell phone companies in the united states of america. and then she championed press ser reags and keeps them operating in place instead of going in the single payer direction. like what would you say if you were fighting single payer. >> lawrence, you've been there for the senate finance committee. nobody is going to like the bill that goes through. it's going to be a big, hairy, ugly piece of legislation that satisfies nobody. that's not the issue. the issue is an i am perfect bill better from the status quo? and the answer to that question is, you're dam right it is. it almost doesn't matter what the details were. it's so terrible to people who get sick and face bankruptcy on top of their i amness that it must be chased it and all of the bills out there take care of that problem, a catastrophic illness. none of those bills leave people high and dry should they get very sick. that's the core of this. the rest is all important but we cannot let this opportunity slip through the cracks. and the idea of being no bill, liberals getting too much that they wasn't, that is the disaster. there
the senior citizen population in america. stephen a. smith is in the houston night. the national football league and the philadelphia eagles a have decided to give michael vick a second chance. are you ready to give michael vick a second chance? get your cell phones out right now and text "a" for yes and "b" for no to 622639. we'll have a big discussion on this tonight. all that, and of course the drugster is back in "psycho talk." "daily show" co-creator lizz winstead weighs in on the edwards baby daddy drama. it will be a dandy. >>> first tonight's "op ed." all right, the president. he undoubtedly was the commander in chief on health care today. he went to big sky country, belgra belgrade, montana, and told the truth again. >> this is not some government takeover. if you like your doctor you can keep seeing your doctor. this is important. i don't want government bureaucrats meddling in your health care but i also don't want insurance company bureaucrats meddling in your health care either. >> everybody got that? conservative talkers, you got that? come on. the guy is so clear. the presi
silence on health care in america from in crowd? the four most influential christian leaders in this country i think need to step up and speak up. i'm talking about rick warren, joel osteen, frankly graham, and mr. dobson. mr. dobson, you're in retirement, you can come out of retimplt for this one. people will listen to you. these christians leaders need to get engaged and support a christian president on the public option in providing health care for all americans. isn't it the christian thing to do? their silence is deafening. when jesus walked the face of the earth, he was feeding the hungry, clothing the poor and healing the sick. he didn't ask anybody for their health insurance card, and he didn't heal anybody for profit. yet we hear nothing from the christian leadership in this country on health care reform and the moral obligation we face as a nation to address this issue. this piece of audio from the arlen specter town hall meeting really struck me earlier this week. >> one day god's going to stand before you, and he's going to judge you, and the rest of your damn cro
-mail via the pac organizing for america today. we didn't win last year's election together at a committee hearing in d.c. we won it on the doorsteps and the phone lines, at the softball games and the town meetings. and if you're willing to step up once again, that's exactly where we're going to win this historic campaign for the guaranteed, affordable health insurance that every american deserves. the obama white house wants to reignite its support base to take on a legislative agenda. that was why organizing for america was created in the first place. but what is the president actually asking his supporters to campaign for? there is no plan yet. there's no consensus bill in the house and the senate. maybe the mob will provide the enemy -- would provide enough motivation, enough of an enemy to rally the liberal base, but at some point obama supporters will ask what exactly are we fighting for? not just what are we fighting against. for example, no show has been more vigilant about the public option than this one. ed schultz has pushed it day in and day out. but today, when nbc's chuck tod
's not how we're supposed to operate. america has to stand on the moral high ground and set an example. we are a beacon to the world. we are proof that democracy, a nation of law and order, works. i don't think american agents threatening to rape someone's mother is the moral high ground. attorney general eric holder has done the right thing by launching a probe into the terrorism techniques. and it's making dick cheney's head explode. he put out this statement practically singing the virtues of torture, and putting out the old adage that president obama won't keep us safe. little fear there, huh? you know, i'll hand it to cheney. the guy never gives up at being a jerk. president obama won't keep you safe. americans have doubts. you see, that's the bat call for the cheney-ites for folks who want to defend torture. here is what peter king said about the investigation of the justice department today. king is wondering what side the president the united states is on. he is suggesting the president might be on the side of the terrorists. that could go into psycho talk, but we'll get into that
it ? no, but... paperweight mode. all right. ( announcer ) blackberry runs better on america's largest 3g network. and now buy any blackberry, like the new tour, and get one free. verizon wireless. women who drink crystal light drink 20% more water. crystal light. make a delicious change. the first complete women's multivitamin in a drink mix. with more calcium and vitamin d... to support bone and breast health... while helping you hydrate. one a day women's 2o. refreshingly healthy. >>> the mastermind behind the gop behind the health care reform, frank luntzs. last night, luntzs stepped up to the plate. >> barack obama from this language, it's almost like he's declaring war in medicare because it's the only way for him to be able to pay for health care. they are talking about loring the reimbursements for medicare. >> hold it right there. that is a flat-out lie. let me be very clear on this. and the aarp state clearly that none of the bills being considered in the congress would lower reimbursements for medicare. now, here's what would actually happen. the house bill would
to the working folk of america, the former secretary of labor robert rische will talk about the future ted kennedy's work. plus, we're going to hear a personal story tonight of a woman's crusade to change the insurance industry. she lost her husband to cancer, and in the end, he said fighting united health care was tougher than fighting his disease. i'll have my op-ed in just a moment. but first, senator chris dodd called ted kennedy his best friend, they served together in the senate for nearly three decades, senator dodd was the man ted kennedy chose to take the reins of his committee when he could no longer work in his committee. and senator dodd joins me by phone tonight to start off "the ed show." i know this has been really a couple of rough days for you. >> i'm delighted to be with you and you've been a great friend and a great advocate of the cause that teddy cared so deeply about. i'm pleased to join you, a sad couple of days, we all knew it was going to happen, certainly he did as well. but he was never maudlin, he was never depressed about it all, he was optimistic about the fut
, the dnc and organizing for america, they were a little slow to realize this, that their organizers at their core, they're going to try to pack the halls themselves, they're sending out emails and organizing. i think the picture will be interesting to see the next round of town halls, if they find that they cannot pack the room before the other side does. that's the thing to watch. >> there's a lot of organizing going on out there, involved with the people that did swift-boating against john kerry. and a lot of money involved in the health care industry. one man raising $20 million for spending in this industry. clearly there's a lot of grassroots as well. thank you, jim vandehei. the very successful plitco. >> and lynn sweet. from the "chicago sun-times." right now, it's time for the ed show, with ed schultz. >> i'm ed schultz. this is "the ed show." good evening, americans, live from 30 rock in new york, it's "the ed show" on msnbc, good to be back after a week's vacation. tonight, it's an uprising, angry old white folks are storming into town halls all across america, spewing lie
the conversation to go on. there can't be any more serious conversation taking place across america than whether or not congress will indeed act, send the president a bill to reform our health care system. it affects everybody personally. it is life or death for way too many americans. and what we know is right now, we've got a system where, you know, the health insurance industry gets to pick and choose who gets health care, who gets coverage. they often stand between patients and their doctors deciding what procedure, what recommendation, what drug, what process is going to be followed. we want a reformed system where -- with the kind of consumer protections that the house and senate bills are likely to have. americans will have access to affordable health care, high-quality health care, and no longer will insurance companies get to choose who gets health care in america. >> how are you going to go forward with this kind of protest when you're trying to be heard? has the white house developed a strategy? have the congressional leaders developed a strategy for dealing with this on the road? >>
that america will appreciate that last struggle and honor him in some way. >> reverend jackson, keith ownerman. i'm wondering if senator kennedy said before his passing that there's no time for further measures on health care reform. given the roster of accomplishments of the senator's 47 years nearly in the senate, was it a hole, did he view this, do you think as another part of health reform, as another part of this continual battle that he seemed to be spearheading against whoever might be discriminated against, that it wasn't necessarily a color issue, a gender issue, an orientation issue, a poverty issue, it was whoever was getting the short stick in society was the person he was going to sting up for, did you see that it way? >> yes, because he believed we live under the law, america's a country of laws, so the right to vote, the right to access open housing, the right who health care, he believed that those are left out of protection. those that are much too early. he believed that the health care is the right for all americans as a moral obligation. the thing that impressed me the most
would have told you neither one of those thirngs were likely, but it's the promise of america fulfilled and the prok we fight every day for future generations. to my republican colleagues, it's hard to tell the hispanic community when you have a woman on the yale law review, became a top prosecutor in new york city, went on to get appointed by a republican president to the district court of the federal district court, and then by a democratic president passed by congress's both democrats and -- at the time, and you have a great history of precedent, commitment to press didn't, the constitution and the rule of law, and you still say to a latina like that i can't vote for you, it sends a message to the community, no matter how hard we try, no matter how hard we work, no matter how many barriers we break, somehow you still find us lacking. >> i'm glad you were lucky enough to be there today to cast that vote. thanks for joining us today, senator menendez. >>> for more, let's bring in jamal simmons, sam stein and john feehery. let's consider the politics of this. pretty big republican vote
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organized in america, he had all of the progressive ministers and the faith-based community on the line in a huge conference call and he said, we need your help. come on and step up to the plate. i'm willing to fight. i'm ready to go. let's get this done. >> now, congresswoman, do you think that the obama white house is just totally smarter than everybody else and this was nothing but a trial balloon to float this thing up to rile the base to really bring the people snout could th out? could this be just a great card play by the president himself? >> it could be. i've had this discussion with a number of my very close advisors and we have come to the conclusion that if it was a trial balloon that the pushback and the response was so great that they couldn't make any mistake, that the left was going to be organized around this issue and it was going to be big time. it would be the first time in the six months that the white house has been there that president obama has been there that they will find that they truly do have an activist base that they recruited, that they worked with, that
care coverage to people in america who don't have it? >> they say if you've got the facts, you pound the facts. if you don't have the facts, you pound the table. i guess nuts like this are really banging a drum for an angry message. the problem with all this is these are pretty seer why is issues we have in front of us. people have legitimate december agreements how to deal with them. we're not getting to them because one guy is shouting so 200, 300 people can't get their questions answered. history is not written by guys in that team. history is written by people who really engage in their democracy in the way it should. i kind of welcome it. i welcome the passion, that we can figure out a way to let everyone have their say, i think they're going to wind up with a better product. >> the "new york post" has a report that you had a meeting of some kind with constituents in new york city, and the way you did it they say is that you just didn't announce it ahead of time so the nuts like this couldn't go and disrupt it. is that the way to do this? >> that's funny, somehow the "new york p
shouted down at a town hall meeting? because the right wing sound machine of america has been so effective with their frank luns bullet points? this is crazy. a month ago today the president of the united states told the american people he would not sign a bill without a public option. >> any plan i sign must include an insurance exchange. a one stop shopping marketplace where you can compare the benefits, costs, and track records of a variety of plans. including a public option to increase competition and keep insurance companies honest. >> the public option, whether we have it or we don't have it, is not the entirety of health care reform. this is just one sliver of it. one aspect of it. >> same president, different answer, i don't like it. in july, the president promised health care reform. centered around a public option. now he acts like it's just another footnote on the stomp. lin did douglas, the white house communications director for health care reform, insists nothing has exchanged. you've got me -- well, not confused. i'm disappointed. i'm starting to not believe what's coming o
care coverage in america, the most powerful, the wealthiest country in the world, this is unconscionable. so we have to do something. we have to do it this year. so i think that what's taking place in terms of this democratic process is healthy. it's good. >> well, it's healthy -- >> let me just say, ed, trust me, there are many of us, and i don't think the votes are going to be there in the house, if in fact there's not a strong public health option. >> okay. and i will tell you this, just my opinion from talking to people on the radio and blog traffic and this show and everything else. if the democrats can't deliver a public option, then what the white house strategy should be is no health care reform this year. force the republicans to be the obstructionists and we'll see you at the midterm and let the american people decide. would you go along with that? quickly. >> let me tell you, my focus and i think the focus of all of us, at least all of our democratic colleagues, is about getting a strong health care bill passed this year. >> republicans aren't going to
that ensures all in america have affordable access to quality, basic health care, irrespective of health conditions, socioeconomic status or employment status. the president opportunity for the true health care reform that meets the above objectives is too fragile and too important for our nation for to it to be lost by public interest. it should be clear all elected officials and candidates for office desiring support by by ballot must evidence clear support for this resolution as stated. this applies to our democratic colleague senator udall, senator bennett of colorado as well as other candidates seeking office in this city and county of broomfield, colorado. folks, this is a courageous move. i think this is going to be happening in a lot of counties across the country. there's an undercurrent across america in democratic counties that if you don't support this we're not going to go back to the well with you. you've seen crazy town hall meetings all summer long. here's my radio town hall in boulder, colorado at the university of colorado last night. listen to this crowd. they're getti
of america, it practically does. use the bankamericard power rewards visa credit card and earn rewards like cash back with every purchase. cash you can put into savings. or even use to help pay down your credit card balance. it's one of the many ways we make saving money in tough times a whole lot easier. the sparkly flakes. the honey-baked bunches! the magic's in the mix. my favorite part? eating it. honey bunches of oats. taste the joy we put in every spoonful. >>> dick cheney's back, trashing his old boss. shooter's telling folks in miss memoir how he really feels about his former partner in crime, and his feelings aren't warm and fuzzy. it turns out during his second term, w. started standing up for his former puppetmaster once he approval ratings started to tank. it seems shooter saw this as a moral weakness. let's bring in politico's chief political correspondent mike allen. why do we feel like we'll be talking about this the past ten year? how big of a division do you think there was? >> of course there was a big division from day one, as you know, ed, these two leaders took very dif
from illinois. >> there's a chance going on in america right now. congress 34e7b in these town hall meetings, what is the public saying to them? they are saying just say no. just say no. just say no. now, republicans, that's going to be our chant from now until election day because we've been saying no for a long time. >> he admits it. they've been saying no for a long time. here's what you're saying no to, congressman. a stimulus package that may actually be bringing us out of a recession, an energy bill that would help save the planet for our children and grandchildren, and a healthcare bill that would improve the lives of tens of millions of americans. this is why the republicans lost control last november, ask it's why last week an nbc poll showed that republicans in congress have a 20% lower approval rating on healthcare than president obama does. they have no ideas, and the public's figured it out. the only strategy is to oppose everything the democratic party wants to do, tries to do for the american people, and the american people are noticing this is what's happening. we ha
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Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23